If you miss one of our regular weekly meetings, or are just interested in visiting another Rotary club, there are over 50 other clubs in our district where you can easily do a make-up meeting. Not only does this give you an easy and convenient way to maintain regular required attendance, but it is also a neat way to make new Rotary acquaintances and to learn how other local clubs operate. Make-ups may be completed at any time up to two weeks before or after your missed meeting with Turlock Rotary.


Use The Global Club Finder to find Rotary clubs anywhere, including where and when they meet.


Another option is to check the Google Map of where clubs in our district are located. A new window will open up in your browser. Click the flag for any of the indicated clubs and a pop-up window will display the location and meeting time of that club.


You may also do your make-up online at Rotary eClub One.